How Controlling People Use Fear To Manipulate

I don’t read Donald Miller’s blog often enough. When I do, I’m usually nodding in agreement all the way through, as I was with this post. A warning though: if you’re thinking of watching M. Night Shyamalan’s The Village any time soon, you should probably avoid reading this until afterwards!

St Catherine of Siena, Social Media and Prayer « iBenedictines

St Catherine of Siena, Social Media and Prayer « iBenedictines.

Sister Catherine Wybourne, also known as The Digital Nun, is always a thoughtful and eloquent communicator – far more eloquent than I am. This is the first time I’ve chosen to ‘reblog’ someone’s post, and I don’t know whether it will remain an infrequent event or become a regular occurrence  but I made the choice today because Catherine is writing on a subject related to my last, rambling, effort, and because I want to point you in her direction.