Freedom Is Complicated

It’s been a long time since I gave up hope of understanding everything I read in the Bible. If it was within human power to do so, I don’t think we would face so many disagreements between believers. In fact, when it comes to matters of theology there would be something approaching complete unity.

But life is complicated. Faith is complicated. God’s ways are higher than ours – in other words, He’s complicated.

One of many incidents that I’ve struggled to get my head around is the situation leading up to the exodus from Egypt. Specifically, why did God harden pharaoh’s heart? It always bothered me. In fact, I allowed my irritation with God blind me to what is quite a simple – but profound – truth.

Which makes me so grateful to Paul Scanlon for opening my eyes in this message he gave at our church recently. The message is packed with wisdom and insight, and is a very challenging listen. I’m sure you’ll want to hear it more than once to get the full impact.