Out of the ordinary

It is so good to be reminded that we serve an extraordinary God.


30 days of worship.

Day 5

Ordinary: usual, normal, standard, typical, common, accustomed, everyday,regular, routine, traditional.

Whilst I continued to press into the presence of God this morning, I felt something that did not feel ‘normal’

As I dig deeper spiritually, my body tries to shake off what does not feel normal to it and this is because the presence of God becomes so strong and evident. If this was something that I did regularly, it would begin to feel normal. I have decided to allow what seems abnormal become normal. I crave it, I want this feeling to be something I am accustomed to.

I do not serve a standard God. My God is not average and in order for me to witness something different I must get out of my routine, stop praying and seeking in the name of tradition and push past average thinking.

I no longer…

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