On Love

Life can be very sad, and it is love that makes it so. When we weep for sadness, it is because we have lost, or are losing, or fear the loss, of something or someone we love.

But then because our sadness is born out of love, it is beautiful. Because love is beautiful. Love is the most beautiful and precious gift that God has blessed us with. Because God is love, so when we love, we experience the merest hint of knowledge of the divine.

When we consider how much love hurts, how it can crush us with immeasurable grief, and when we consider how little we love, compared with God Himself, then how great must be His grief when we turn away from Him, when we condemn ourselves to eternal separation from Him, when we refuse to accept His offer of salvation, but instead choose to worship the sin we think we love.

How little do we understand love?


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