The promises of man
Are castles made of sand
And the tide will wash them through
Before the day is done

But the promises of God
Are stronger than a rock
And they will endure
Beyond the earth and sun


Almighty God, despite Your instruction I still worry too much about what tomorrow may bring. But I want to thank You today. I want to thank You for not promising me tomorrow, but instead promising me eternity, with You, in paradise. I thank You in the precious name of Jesus. Amen.


25 August 2010


A Thought on the Subject of Sex and Marriage

Sex outside marriage is like dessert without a main course. It can be delicious and sweet and oh so tempting, but the satisfaction it gives won’t last, because you’re missing all the essential nourishment that the main meal provides.

Overindulge in pudding and it will make you sick. Do so without thought for a balanced diet and it might even kill you.

And isn’t the dining experience so much more rewarding when the dishes are served in the correct order?